Help us to help more than 3 million Syrians in desperate need of food and medicine in tragic circumstances

Our volunteers

Our volunteers are in most Syrian Cities and works to provide all support according to the available resources


Adalah is working to raise the necessary funds to accomplish Development projects that will alleviate the suffering of our people

Projects need funding

The relief and development organization is working to develop development and service projects that will alleviate the suffering of our people in different areas of Syria.

Here you can find the projects that we are working on it, you will find more information about the projects, such as the implementation area, the number of beneficiaries and the objective of the project, as well as the total cost of the project and the amount available.

  1. Provision of water to camps
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $24,746.00
  2. Execute water from the ground
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $150,000.00
  3. Transfe school students
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $10,000.00
  4. Adopt orphans
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $12,000.00
  5. Sustainable Benefit Project
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $135,000.00
  6. Rehabilitation of the camp
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $32,850.00
  7. Rehabilitation of the camp
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $96,250.00
  8. Clothes
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $125,000.00
  9. Adaleh Kitchen
    Raised: $0.00
    Goal: $50,000.00
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Emergency cases need Financing
Be a part in teaching children

Be part of the community development participants

Adalah offers you the opportunity to participate in the rescue of Syrian children by establishing schools in the affected areas in order to protect our generations from loss

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Our Goals


To provide education to Syrian children by facilitating the educational process by providing the required syllabuses in addition to facilitating the movement of students

Securing the basics to survive

Ensure safe drinking water for tens of thousands of people in the camps

Providing Food

To provide food for displaced Syrian families, whether in camps or in different areas of displacement

Help disabled people

Adalah works to rehabilitate the disabled because of the war. It not only provides food and medicine, but also rehabilitates them by setting up appropriate projects that allow them to work.

Insurance of housing for displaced persons

To provide shelter for tens of thousands of internally displaced persons, both in the camps through the rehabilitation of tents or within the interior

Donation to orphans

Provide financial support for children, whether for orphans or others, through the provision of schools and kindergartens in addition to providing psychological support due to difficult circumstances in the war


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