Rehabilitation of the camp

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Goal: $96,250.00

As part of Adalah’s efforts to empower Syrian women who have become widows or widows and believe in the special potentials of Syrian women and their ability to establish their own work, which is free of begging and extortion, Financial support is granted to Syrian women who establish their own work, which allows the assistance of the entrepreneur in addition to the number of women who work with them within the same project.

The campaign is not limited to securing funds to finance the project, but is based on training courses that will improve the skills of women. These courses include sewing, embroidery, hairdressing and other professions.

Campaign duration 6 months

The campaign targets the northern rural areas of Aleppo, which include Bab, A’zaz, Afrin, which received tens of thousands of displaced people from the two districts of Damascus and Homs, the towns of southern Damascus and the sons of the provinces of Raqqa, Deir al-Zour and Raqqa, as well as children of these areas,

يبلغ عدد النساء المراد دعم مشاريعهن 350 سيدة بكلفة تصل إلى 96250$ حيث تبلغ قيمة المشروع الواحد 275$

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