Sustainable Benefit Project

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Goal: $135,000.00

In the context of Adalah’s efforts to improve the difficult conditions of citizens, who were forced by harsh conditions of war to lose their shops or work tools

As the people in Syria are mostly professionals, Adalah has launched a campaign that provides support to those who do not have the money to establish their own business.

1. Reduce the spread of unemployment

2. Contribute to the creation of more job opportunities that can be utilized by people who do not have a profession

3 – Transfer of the Syrian citizen from the case of a citizen in need of assistance to an active citizen able to provide assistance to others

This campaign is to provide the equipment, industrial tools and financial loans to the targeted people, which will enable them to follow their work and rely on themselves in order to meet their daily requirements

The campaign began on 2018/8/1 in the northern countryside of Aleppo and targeted especially the professionals and craftsmen in the region

The number of beneficiaries will be 300 men at a cost of $ 450 per project at a total cost of $ 135,000.

The first phase of the project was completed by providing the necessary support for approximately 85 projects with a total value of $ 40,000

The project, once completed, will be a milestone in the lives of 600 families who are entrepreneurs, as well as families who will benefit from the establishment of these projects through the employment opportunities that will be created.

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